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  • What Is This Web Site For?
    It aims to provide something a little bit different for clubs, charities and voluntary organistation to use for their fundraisng Race Night or Quiz Night.
  • How Does The Web Site Work?
    The whole event is done on line, the puzzles, the answers and the scoring system. The web site provides a platform which links up with another web site called Puzzel where you can : Use existing puzzles already set up or Design your own puzzles or Ask some to be designed for you. Check it out!
  • What equipment will we need?
    Each team will need a laptop or tablet. You can either ask members to bring their own. If that's not possible, you can hire some at a daily rate for anything between £5 and £15 depending on the model and screen size. They devices don't need to the latest models as all they will need to do is access the internet, but ideally they will have the latest browser version installed!. The larger the screen the better though.
  • How do the laptops and devices connect to the internet?
    If you are holdind your event in a local hall, you can hire a device that will connect to the internet and provide you with wi-fi without the need of a router. This company checks you are in an area with a strong signal, and will hire the device at a daily rate of £30. Your devices will then connect to the wifi that this device supplies in the normal way.
  • How many people can take part?
    The web site can accomodate up to 60 teams made up of a maximum of 6 people. Remember, one laptop per team to share so you need enough room for each team member to see the screen and take part in the puzzles by taking turns at the keyboard, with everyone else chipping in! Remember that family and friends can take part too by remotely signing in from ANYWHERE in the world!
  • How much will it cost to run and how much will the event make?
    We suggest investing £30 in at least one wi fi device at a venue, although two are recommened for more than 50 people. A £0.50 per person donation to the Soi Dog foundation would be appreciated. For this we will provide the setting up of the puzzles and providing IT support and depending on your location, can host the night for you too. Our web site games package includes an on line raffle plus a couple of games that can raise an extra £1 per head each too. Plus the profit from any sales of drinks and refreshments. So if you charge £10 a head for 50 people at the venue, that's £500 plus £150 for the raffle and fund raising games, which is £650. Less expenses of the wi-fi device and a Soi Dog donation totalling £55 , so just under £600 for hardly any effort at all! Don't forget that you can promote your event to those in your orgnisation including their fa,iles and friends who can't attend. This could potentailly lead to £1000 + being raised on the night!
  • Can we run an event from home using Zoom for example?
    There is nothing to stop you having a free fun evening with a few friends at home using the web sites Practice Puzzles page.
  • Are there any known technical or compatabilty issues with the Puzzle Nights Web Site?
    The site will not function at all on a Mobile Device apart from the Home and FAQ pages. Until December 2023, tablets were only able to support some Practice Puzzles, but you can now use a tablet to log into an event. HOWEVER, the web site behavious on some tablets may make some puzzles unplayable. Investigations are ongoing, so please report any problems you find using the Feedback Form. Laptops and Desktops should be fine, although there are known compatibilty problems with some browser versions and Wix element functionality. Browsers tested include Internet Explorer, MS Edge, Apple Safari, Firefox & Google Chrome. For a full list of known issues, click the button below.
  • Where do you get the puzzle ideas from?
    There is a web site called where you can design and create your own puzzles and quizzes and integrate them into your web site. So Crosswords puzzles, Jigsaws and Wordle are created using this site. Other puzzles and games are designed by, and are normally based on family favourite games such as Cluedo, Mastermind, Pictionary & Yahtzee, or TV shows such as ITVs 1% Club and the BBCs Only Connect and Bruce Forsyths The Generation Game from the 1970s. Other ideas such as "The Heist" by Suvan Adhikari and "Colour By Numbers" by Christine Le come from a web site called, where we take the concept and develop our own software so that it works in our puzzle / quiz format. If you have some ideas of your own for a puzzle or quiz, let us know and we can try and incorporate it into your Puzzle Night.



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Dice sliders fail on iPads using Safari - Resolved 27/11/23
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